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If you are looking for a criminal lawyer, our specialists in criminal law offer a quick and effective response on matters such as trials, offences, appeals, alcohol tests and all sorts of crimes.

Financial crimes: misappropriation, fraud, counterfeiting, corporate crime, money laundering, criminal bankruptcy, forgery, etc.
Crimes against persons: injuries, manslaughter, murder, etc.
Traffic offences: positive breathalyser tests, speeding, driving without a licence, disobeying authority, reckless driving and failure to provide assistance.
Crimes against property: burglary, theft, handling stolen goods, damage, fraud, etc.
Crimes against public health: drug trafficking.
Administrative and political crimes: bribery, perversion of justice, planning breaches, influence peddling, embezzlement, fraud, prohibited business transactions, corruption and mishandling classified documents.
Crimes against public finance: tax offences.
Domestic violence offences.
Environmental and urban planning crimes: planning offences.
Crimes against freedom: illegal detention, kidnapping, threats, coercion, torture and crimes against moral integrity.
Crimes against personal honour: slander and libel.
Crimes against social security and workers’ rights.
Crimes against sexual freedom: sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, etc.
Crimes against privacy: discovery and disclosure of secrets, burglary.
Crimes against family rights and duties: marital abandonment, unpaid pensions, child abduction, etc.
Crimes against intellectual and industrial property.
Crimes against foreigners.
Crimes against heritage.
Crimes against the administration of justice: prevarication, concealment, false accusations and allegations, simulation of crimes, perjury, obstruction of justice, professional disloyalty, breach of terms of a sentence.
Crimes against the Constitution: crimes against state institutions, fundamental rights and liberties, crimes committed by civil servants.
Crimes against public order: attacks on authority, resistance and disobedience, possession, trafficking and storage of weapons.
Other crimes: false impersonation, usurpation of public office, unauthorised practice of a profession.
Any other crime.
Defence in criminal trials.
Defence in jury trials.
Defence in juvenile hearings.
Legal assistance in police stations and courts.
Criminal accusation: charges and lawsuits.
Public and private prosecution.
Application for probation.
Application for pardon.
Application for category three imprisonment.
Application for parole.
Court Representation: Magistrates’ Courts, Criminal Courts, Provincial Courts, High Courts, Jury Courts, National High Court, Supreme Court and Constitutional Court.

Si busca asesoramiento profesional y necesita resolver su caso cuanto antes, no dude en contactar con nuestro despacho de Abogados y le daremos respuesta de forma inmediata. Contacte a través de nuestro formulario de contacto o llámenos al: 922 78 76 57.